Where to buy alcohol in Agadir, Morocco

buy alcohol in agadir

At the risk of sounding like an alcoholic: one of the first things I asked myself when travelling to Morocco was where I could buy booze. Luckily I can lay the blame on my Belgian roots, as that might be why I find it immensely satisfying to end a day of intense travelling with a beer.

Morocco has become a more popular travel destination recently, with airlines such as Air Arabia adding connections between Europe and the African country. I used the airline to fly from Sweden (Stockholm) into Agadir. If you are planning to do the same, I hope you’re not very tall, as this proved to be a grueling experience. Another reason why cheap flights are often not the best choice.

During my time in Morocco I visited several parts, from Marrakech to the desert area of Merzouga. Although Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country (99% of the population follows the religion of Islam) – which means alcohol is forbidden to them – it’s not impossible to buy it yourself.

Agadir for example is a lot more relaxed than Marrakech, and you’ll find several restaurants where you can consume alcohol. If you like to consume alcohol outside of a restaurant, here are some shops where you can buy from:

  • Uniprix¬†(Avenue Hassan II at the junction with Avenue du Prince Sidi Mohammed): this is a quite spacious store, where you can also buy – knock-off – souvenirs at fixed prices. At the back off the shop you’ll find a whole section dedicated to alcohol. The focus is predominantly on wines, but you’ll also find spirits and beer.
  • Carrefour (156 Boulevard Yacoub El Mansour: this store offers a slightly bigger selection in terms of beer. You’ll find the bottle shop on the lower floor: just walk in and take the stairs down.
  • Victoria Drink Store (Boulevard du 20 Aout): I didn’t go here because I don’t need that much beer, but passed it on the way to the beach. The reviews online haven’t been kind, so tread with caution.
uniprix agadir

Uniprix in Agadir, Morocco

In general I found Carrefour to be the best bet to find alcohol in Morocco, with the bottle shop always being on the lower floor. In Marrakech I went to Marjane in Gueliz, but contrary to what I had found on the internet there was no alcohol to be found there. Perhaps they’ve gotten rid of it over the years. Find out here where to buy alcohol in Marrakech.

Let me know if I’m missing something and I will add it to the list!

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  1. Angus Swanson says:

    I believe Marjane was fairly recently acquired by Saudi owners who immediately stopped providing alcohol; for that reason I no longer shop there!

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