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At the Brainjar we do our best to stay international, which is where travels come in. Find out how we’ve managed to survive in China, Australia, Germany, and Sweden.

Spicy Miso Ramen from Tokyo Ramen in Stockholm

Where can I find the best ramen in Stockholm

Ramen, the traditional Japanese dish, has become increasingly popular in Stockholm in recent years. It feels like a new place is popping up every month. Once beloved restaurants like Totemo are now not even...

alcohol marrakech

Where to buy alcohol in Marrakech, Morocco

When we recently wrote about buying alcohol in Agadir in Morocco, several people asked us what the situation  was like in Marrakech. If you travel to Agadir -as it has become a more popular...

How to visit the Reichstag for free

For a lot of tourists in Berlin their trip to the city is defined by the historical landmarks they visited. You can’t miss out on Brandenburger Tor, the Topography of Terror (despite its kitschy...