Shlock alert: trailer for Hurricane Heist

Hurricane Heist Movie

We are always on the lookout for the next piece of shlock cinema: movies of B-film quality that manage to turn their horrible qualities into selling points. This time around we are intrigued by Hurricane Heist, a movie which displays its dumbness in its title already. Oh, how we love it when a movie blatantly spells out what it’s about.

Check out the trailer for Hurricane Heist here:

The last time we got excited for bad movies was when both Geostorm and The Snowman were released. As you might remember from our reviews, they both ended up being disappointing affairs. Hurricane Heist is currently ticking all boxes for shlock entertainment however:

  • The aforementioned straightforward title (see also Snakes on a Plane, Sharknado, etc…)
  • A cast of struggling actors. The best movies in this genre feature either actors past their prime, or generic actors trying to make some money after their TV projects have ended. This one falls into the latter category, with the cast comprising of Ryan Kwanten (True Blood), Maggie Grace (Lost), and Toby Kebbel (one good role away from breaking out. This one won’t be it…)
  • A plot that seems to have come from a short sales pitch: we assume the sales pitch here was “it’s The Fast and The Furious meets Twister!”. And that’s how we ended up with a movie about thieves attempting to rob the U.S. treasury as a giant hurricane is approaching their location.
  • A director with a good track record in shlock. It’s always promising when you have a director at the helm who’s made enjoyable crap in the past. In this case that’s Rob Cohen, who’s been responsible in the past for movies such as Dragonheart, The Fast and The Furious, Stealth, and xXx. If you can’t trust a guy who made a movie about pilots battling an evil plane to make an enjoyable stupid B-movie, who can you trust?

Hurricane Heist is being released on the 9th of March in the US. Are you excited as well?

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