An overview of the bad decisions T.J. Miller has made

tj miller downfall

Comedian T.J. Miller recently found himself at the center of controversy again, when actress Alice Wetterlund – who appeared in Silicon Valley alongside him – referred to the comedian as a ” a bully and petulant brat”. Here is an overview of some of the bad decisions T.J. Miller has made.

Before we start this list, let us just admit that in no way this is a full overview. You can probably find more examples, and the reason Miller has been allowed to get away with so much is because he’s a very funny person. Not only that, he’s a very funny person whose comedic persona relies on shocking and brushing up against social conventions.

Here are some of the times in recent history T.J. Miller found himself at the center of controversy:

  • Leaving Silicon Valley and alienating his former cast members: exiting a popular show is one thing, but there is a classier way to handle it than how Miller did. Not only did he appear to act out on set near the end, he also took swipes at star Thomas Middleditch. His behavior recently came up again when actrice Alice Wetterlund referred to him as a bully on set.
  • Starring in The Emoji Movie: When leaving a popular show, it makes sense to line up interesting film roles to pivot into that world. Miller however seemed satisfied with a voice role in a movie based on phone emoji’s. It was not well-received, and although it didn’t flop it doesn’t seem like it did much for Miller’s career.
  • Making false bomb threats on a train: If you thought The Emoji Movie was the perfect example of Miller’s strange sense of humor, then you were wrong. In March this year Miller was arrested for – apparently – drunkenly calling 911 to say a woman had a bomb in her bag. Miller could go to jail for 5 years over this.
  • Battery of taxi driver over Donald Trump: Miller previously had been arrested over – allegedly – assaulting a taxi driver over an argument about current president Donald Trump.
  • Allegations of sexual assault: No one was surprised when Miller’s name also came up during the #metoo movement. Miller was accused of having assaulted and beaten a woman while in college. Since this information was only released at the end of 2017, he did not make our top 4 buzzed about sexual predators in the film industry list.

Despite his funny comedic persona, even Hollywood has a breaking point. With Ryan Reynolds having said Miller is out of further Deadpool sequels, it seems that Miller’s luck is out.

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