Morgan Freeman’s retired in Just Getting Started trailer

Morgan Freeman & Tommy Lee Jones on set having a grump-off

There’s somewhat of a contradiction in an actor who shows no signs of retiring, churning out the occassional retirement movie. Morgan Freeman, everyone’s favourite old wise man, will close out (?) his retirement trilogy with Just Getting Started. In case you have difficulty remembering the previous ones, allow us to list them:

  • Last Vegas: in which Freeman & fellow older actors Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro & Kevin Kline have a bachelor party in Las Vegas. We didn’t see it, but assume Viagra jokes were made.
  • Going in Style: in which Freeman & fellow older actors Alan Arkin & Michael Caine decide to rob a bank. Notable for being directed by Zach – remember Scrubs?? – Braff.

This time around Morgan Freeman is up against the master of grump Tommy Lee Jones, as the two play out a flimsy looking plot involving the mob to spend some paid time on a golf course.

You probably already know how this all will play out, but if you really really want to make sure the real trailer plays out the same as the one in your mind, then feel free to have a look here:

If one thing is evident from this trailer it’s that Morgan Freeman really enjoys working. These days he seems to have moved away from prestige fare, and can instead be found in these types of broad comedies, generic money grabs (Olympus Has Fallen, Now You See Me 2), straight to video releases (Momentum, Last Knights),  and whatever the hell Dolphin Tale 2 is.

Given that the man is 80 years old, we fully approve of him just having and cashing paychecks. Hell,  we would even do a third Dolphin Tale film at our current stage in life. Call us, Hollywood!!!

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