Michael Madsen is also doing gambling commercials

michael madsen gambling commercials

Dear readers: it gives us no pleasure to write this, but Lance Henriksen isn’t the only American character actor currently wasting his time on gambling commercials (as we mentioned here).  It seems like like Quentin Tarantino favorite Michael Madsen has now joined him, for a company called Rizk.

Once again the company paying for the commercial(s) is located in Malta (shocker…), and once again the actor in question looks bored out of his fucking mind. We may not hold Michael Madsen as dear to our heart as Lance Henriksen, but the actor did manage to rake up an array of fun performances in Quentin Tarantino directed movies such as Reservoir Dogs, The Hateful Eight, and Kill Bill.

Outside of those movies Madsen seems to always have struggled to land good roles, since his turn in two Free Willy movies is the peak. Unlike Lance Henriksen, seeing him appear in these type of commercials seems less like a cash grab at the end of a career, and more like par for the course.

One thing’s for sure: we don’t know how to feel about the ads in which Madsen appears. Has the crew behind this production decided to utilize Madsen’s flippant attitude as an actor for comedic effect, or is this a case of Madsen showing up drunk on set making it clear he’s only in it for the money?

Either way, what we’re left with are a bunch of ads consisting of Michael Madsen acting opposite what we assume is the superhero avatar of the gambling business in question. We saw these ads appear in Sweden, but would love to hear from you in case these ads appeared elsewhere as well. We personally have nothing against actors going for a cash grab (hell, Nicolas Cage remains one of our favorites) but adding credibility to the horrible gambling business is a bridge too far. Why didn’t you just email us if you needed money, Michael?

Here are the commercials with Michael Madsen. And yes, he was around on set a lot longer than Lance Henriksen judging by the output:


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