Patrick Warburton is the latest actor appearing in a Rizk commercial

rizk patrick warburton

It seems like making commercials for gambling companies has become a preferred way of making a quick buck for B-actors. First we shared with you how Lance Henriksen is in ads for Kaboo, then Michael Madsen in ads for Rizk. Now there’s a new addition to this list: American comedic actor Patrick Warburton.

If Warburton looks familiar to you, then there’s a few options as to where you know him from. Perhaps it’s his role in Seinfeld where he played the dim-witted David Puddy, who dates Elaine on and off throughout the series. Another choice is The Tick, a live-action version of a comic book that offered a quirky look at the life of superheroes. Although the show didn’t last very long, it did have a passionate following, and eventually a new version was released in 2017.  Warburton ended up getting replaced for this version however. He also starred in the TV series Rules of Engagement, which we’ve never seen but ran for around 100 episodes.

If you don’t recognize the man’s face, but his voice, then maybe you know him better from his animated work. Although he’s very prolific, with roles in Kim Possible, The Emperor’s New School, and Scooby Doo, he’s most famous for his turn as crippled Joe Swanson in Seth McFarlane’s Family Guy.

In the latest commercials for this gambling company operating from Malta (at this point we wonder how much of the population is people working for these types of companies), Warburton looks to be a discount version of Hugh Jackman’s turn as P.T. Barnum in The World’s Greatest Showman. Click here to watch the depressing ads in which the lovable Warburton touts bonus programs for a casino to make a quick buck.

Looking into this further, we found that the company has previously not only worked with Michael Madsen, but also with Kevin Dillon of Entourage fame. Place your bets on who will be next. Our money is on Clint Howard.

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  1. Tobias Claren says:

    Is this a real online casino?
    In Germany the tv commercial says, it is just a game without money.
    I’m not a gambler, but casino without money seems “strange” and boring to me.
    On the other hand disappeared online board games, online word-laying games (Wordox …). For example, sites like “Flipside” or “Uproar”. For example, the good game “Acrophobia”, Wordox, the hoyle board games…
    Instead, there is such a senseless crap as online “casinos” without money.

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