Netflix won’t be the end of movie theaters

netflix movie theater

As Netflix is intent to complete its quest for world dominance, it’s meant to come with some negativity. That explains why one of the narratives surrounding Netflix is how it’s set to kill the movie theater business. A recent study reveals that this might not actually be the case.

The study was held by the  EY’s Quantitative Economics and Statistics group (per Variety) as they surveyed 2500 people in November in the US. Its main finding was that people who use Netflix also enjoy going to the cinema. As opposed to enjoying everything from the comfort of their homes, or the bus, or on the toilet (thanks smartphones!). In fact the study revealed that frequent moviegoers (nine or more visits a year) are the perfect Netflix customers, as they consume more streaming content than customers who only frequent the cinema once or twice in a year.

The study had been commissioned by the NATO. If you’re confused as to why an intergovernmental military alliance is interested in Netflix, then allow us to clarify. The NATO who greenlit this study is actually the National Association of Theater Owners. This lobbying group for the exhibition industry was critical of Netflix’ decision to release Roma & Outlaw King on their platform.

They must’ve been relieved to find out that the people who skip movie theaters are the same ones who have little interest in streaming platforms.  We find ourselves to be relieved by this! As we both enjoy movie theaters and Netflix, this whole situation had made us feel as if we’re caught between arguing parents. Now that everyone’s getting along again, we can finally focus again on watching film aspect ratio problems on Netflix and eagerly await the death of the superhero film. When it comes to the latter, perhaps Netflix can play a role in its imminent death.

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