Norm MacDonald is getting his own talk show on Netflix

Only a few days ago we were writing about peak TV reinvigorating genres of TV shows, with our article about what an anthology series is.  That type of TV show is not the only one experiencing a rebirth, as Netflix is doing the same for the format of the talk show. We weren’t too impressed by the Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, but we are firm supporters of their latest decision to give Norm MacDonald his own talk show.

In our opinion Norm has been one of the funniest people in comedy for the last 20+ years. You may know him from appearing alongside Adam Sandler in Billy Madison, or perhaps you’ve seen him years ago presenting Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live. Either way, since his legendary roast of Bob Saget in 2008, the Canadian stand-up comedian seemed poised to get a comeback vehicle. It took a while to get it, but at last the time is here.

Beyond this, Norm has also killed it appearing on various talk shows over the years (from Conan O’Brien to David Letterman) and gained experience running his own show with his weekly podcast Norm MacDonald live (unfortunately removed from YouTube after this announcement). As a refresher, here is a clip from our favorite interview of Norm MacDonald.

Norm’s show will be called Norm MacDonald Has a Show and has received an order for ten episodes.

For Netflix this is not the first talk show they’ve green-lit. Not only do they currently have the previously mentioned Joel McHale Show, but also My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. There was also a talk show with Chelsea Handler, but this got cancelled last year. Norm’s talk show won’t be the only new one on the platform, as Netflix will also create new programs for Hasan Minhaj and Michelle Wolf.

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