Our tips for shows and movies like The Good Place

Shows like the good place

One of our favorite comedies on television right now is The Good Place, about an underachieving woman who dies and accidentally ends up in “the good place”. Not only does the show have one of the funniest casts on television (including TV veterans Ted Danson and Kristen Bell!), it also has a crazily addictive plot filled with twists and cliffhanger endings. Since the show is currently on a break, we decided to put together some recommendations to tide you over until the show returns.

Parks and Recreation (TV Show, 7 seasons, 2009-2015): If you’re watching The Good Place, then chances are high you’ve seen Parks and Recreation, which shares one of the creators. Although the premise – centered around Leslie Knope, an idealistic public official working in the small town of Pawnee- is far more grounded you will still find the same heart, a great ensemble, and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

The Truman Show (movie, 1998): One of Jim Carrey’s finest roles is that of Truman Burbank, an ordinary guy who begins to realize his life is actually a television show. Similar to The Good Place, we follow a main character who discovers the world around him is a lie and searches for a way out. It might not be as funny as The Good Place, but it’s definitely as gripping.

Heaven Can Wait (movie, 1978): This movie tells the story of Joe Pendleton, a quarterback who is accidentally sent to heaven before he dies. To make up for this, heaven allows him to return to earth, with a catch. Since his body is gone, he will have to live on using that of a recently murdered millionaire instead. This premise was already the basis for Here Comes Mr. Jordan (from 1941), and letter re-purposed for the Chris Rock vehicle Down to Earth (from 2001). The original version has a lot of fans, but we prefer the 1978 film, which stars Warren Beatty and overlaps with The Good Place in that both tell the story of a person trying to make up for past mistakes.

The Prisoner (TV show, 1 season, 1967): Despite only existing for one season, the cultural impact of this British show is not to be underestimated. Our main character is number six, a former secret agent, who after resigning gets taken to an idyllic looking place called The Village. Although those in charge try to break him, number six manages to outsmart them, and instead plots his escape.

There you have it, our recommendations! Of course this list could go on forever: if you say Parks and Recreation you could also say The Office. Same with The Prisoner and Lost, or even Twin Peaks. We hope you like our recommendations, and if you know anything else then let us know!

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