Oh God, there’s a kickstarter for a ketchup slice

ketchup slice

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Dumbing down is an ongoing series in which we highlight new trends or innovations in the world, which signal our decline as a species. Today: a kickstarter that is trying to will a slice of ketchup into existence.

During our last article for this column we covered traffic lights on the ground for smartphone users. We thought that would be the end of this column, as it seemed impossible to think humans would ever create something that captures our species’ laziness this well. We were obviously not counting on society supporting the creation of a slice of ketchup.

Are you one of those people who is annoyed by how ketchup exists in a bottle or a tube, instead of in the form of a slice? Good news then, as you can now support this Kickstarter. The product is called Slice of Sauce, and will offer packages containing 8 slices of sauce. That’s right: no longer will you have to struggle to get sauce onto your wrap, burger or sandwiches. By using slice of sauce you will simply have to open a package, and put a slice on your food.

Apparently the struggle with bottled ketchup is real, as the kickstarter has almost doubled its initial goal of raising $15,000. The problem that Slice of Sauce is quoted as trying to fix is the following:

There’s no sticky mess or soggy bread, no “liquidy” separation and no uneven squeezing from a part-empty bottle like with many traditional condiments

Here’s what the mad professors behind this insanely pointless creation list as their mission statement:

We set out to share our passion for healthy living and our love of food. We want to spread awareness that products with clean labels and ingredients with integrity can also be fun. We are deeply committed to leading the way in sustainable packaging and regenerative sourcing.

Missing from this mission statement is any motivation as to why these monsters are looking to continue the dumbing down of society. If anyone bought this, do let us know if this is elaborated on within the packaging.

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