Things that suck about concerts

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Before we get into this, we have to say one of our favorite things is going to a concert. Our heydays might be behind us, but since getting into music in our late teens we still get a kick out of seeing bands we love perform live. Yet as we’re getting older, we are becoming more and more annoyed by some of the things about going to see a band live. Here’s our list of dislikes:

1. The stress of booking tickets

I guess we’ve grown more impatient over time, but these days waiting for tickets to go live stresses us out. There’s the initial email telling us a band is about to tour somewhere. We have to round up people who want to come with us, and then make time to sit in front of the computer when ticket sales go up.

2. The wardrobe situation:

When we arrive at the venue, we’ve already paid for the tickets. Yet we have to brace ourselves to spend more on putting away our coats. It’s all fine handing over your things, but it’s horrible when you want to leave the venue at the end and have to wait an extra 20 minutes to get to your coat.

3. The drink situation

Yeah fine, it’s overpriced. The worst part is how difficult it gets to buy more drinks at one point, since you might lose your spot as a result. Nothing like losing your buzz midway through a concert.

4. Drunk people singing along

Perhaps we over-complicate getting more drinks, as some people seem to be doing just that at a concert. People keep moving in and out, getting more drunk as the night progresses until they can ruin songs for bystanders by drunkenly singing along. Cool bro, so good you know the hit songs by heart.

5. The hassle of securing your spot

The worst of them all might be keeping your spot during a concert. We are tall but at least we (try to) stay consistently put in a spot, so those behind as are not bothered. Unfortunately that’s not the case with others, and it really sucks when our more size-challenged friends lose their view of the stage.

6. Terrible opening acts/waiting for the main gig:

Fuck, have we seen some terrible opening acts in our lives. Last one was The National which opened with some band that felt more at home opening for Evanescence. The main reason we’re less anal about showing up early these days, is because of all the insufferable waiting we’ve endured in the past. First there’s waiting for the opening act, then there’s suffering through the opening act, followed by the break in between, and ending with waiting to get your coats.

7. People using their phones for videos/photos

Last, but not least. It’s no shock some bands implemented a “no phone” policy. Is there anyone who really wants to see 400 badly-lit pictures of a concert afterwards, or badly shot footage of a song? Idiots, these things are blocking the view of people behind you. Try just watching the concert.

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