Spotify upgrades Discover Weekly with “Like/Don’t Like” option

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Great news for Spotify listeners, as the company has tinkered with its Discover Weekly playlists to allow heavier curation. The Discover Weekly playlists are generated every Monday, and contain artists similar to what you’re currently actively playing. We’ve found them to be very useful to discover new artists, despite having been annoyed by the fact that artist Mark Kozelek keeps showing up in them.

Now it looks like we might be able to avoid that problem all-together, with Spotify having added useful like/don’t like buttons. Clicking “I don’t like this song” will prevent Spotify from playing similar music to the tune, whereas “I don’t like this artist” blocks the band/performer all-together.

spotify discover weekly like don't like

For this specific artist example, our hope is that we can rid our playlists of Mark Kozelek once and for all. We have nothing personal against the guy, but we are so annoyed since it seems like one of his current or older projects makes his way in there every week. It’s like going to a friend’s place and having them play the same goddamn artist over and over again even though you told him you have no interest . Actually it’s more like that, and then also playing this artist in the car, or just singing his songs out loud when you’re trying to go for a casual walk in the park.

We totally get that we fit the profile to be Mark Kozelek fans. But we just aren’t. In fact when we think about it, this problem goes beyond Spotify, as we’ve received Kozelek’s music from both exes and friends as well. Our hope is that by clicking the new “don’t like this artist” button this nightmare finally ends.

As of right now no such button has been added to the Release Radar playlist yet, which means lesser liked artists of yours could still make an appearance there. We will hear from you soon, Mark Kozelek.

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