Are Jodie Whittaker and Forest Whitaker related?

Forest and Jodie Whitaker

When Jodie Whittaker got chosen as the new Doctor Who, there was an immediate outcry on the internet surrounding this choice. Hardcore fans of the series were furious, as for the first time the lead in Doctor Who would be chosen based on nepotism. After all the assumption was that Jodie only landed the role due to having a famous brother in Forest Whitaker. But are the two actually related?

The initial assumption was made due to the resemblance between the two actors, but when we looked into the matter we realized a few things didn’t add up:

  • The two actors are not born in the same country. Jodie Whittaker was born in the UK, whereas Forest Whitaker was born in the US. Then again, who really knows where Forest or Jodie’s residence is? Birthplace doesn’t mean residency.
  • The actors do not share the exact same last name. Look closely and you’ll see that Forest’s last name only has one T in it, whereas Jodie’s has two T’s. This hints at different family roots for the two actors. Of course this could also be a case of Forest simplifying his last name, and Jodie taking on the correct spelling.
  • The actors do not acknowledge each other in any interviews. Even Angelina Jolie brought up famous father Jon Voight in several interviews. It seems unavoidable to discuss your famous family members when getting interviewed. Still, it’s bizarre that if Jodie and Forest are related they manage to have dodged all questions related to this.

So there you have it: all signs point towards the two not being related. Do you agree with our conclusion? Or do you still believe the two might be related. And if so, let us know how this would be: siblings, cousins, or even father and child.


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  1. Cornelius Hicklebottom says:

    Omg, this blew my mind. And here I thought they were one in the same, now if you would excuse me. I have pieces of my mind to reassemble after reading such a surprising article. The guys at the water aren’t going to believe this one

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