How to get from arlanda airport to Stockholm city centre

arlanda airport

Although I currently live in Stockholm, I’m not actually a native Swedish person. This means I spend more time than I’d like to in airports, since I frequently visit my family back home. I like Arlanda because it’s quite central and it offers a good selections of flights. Since I fly frequently – and quite often leave directly from work- my main points to consider are ease and cost. I hope the following can help you to find the best way on how to get from the Arlanda airport in Stockholm to the Stockholm city centre.

The city center is roughly 40km from the Arlanda airport. Depending on your budget, here are the options. This is for one way only. Note: these prices were last updated 02/03/2018.

  • Taxi (450-500 SEK/ca. 45-50 EUR): Taxi prices are not regulated in Sweden, but don’t be worried about getting into a Vietnam-type haggling match. The risk of getting scammed is much, much lower here. Do be aware you will be met at the airport by drivers from major taxi companies as well as drivers from independent firms. Make sure to set a price with them before getting in the cab.
  • Airport Bus – Flygbussarna (99-119 SEK pp/ca. 10-12 EUR): One of the easiest ways to get to the center is to take the airport bus. This bus runs quite regularly (roughly every 15 minutes). You can book an open ticket before arriving, which means there’s no time restriction on when you should take the bus. The bus will take you to cityterminalen in the center. From there you will have to switch to public transport. To make sure you pay as little as possible for a ticket, we recommend buying this online from the Flygbussarna website.
  • Airport Train – Arlanda Express (280 SEK pp at the airport/ca. 28 EUR): The fastest and most comfortable way to get to cityterminalen in the center is the Arlanda Express train. If you plan your trip in advance you can lower the price of a ticket. As you can see on their official website you can save money by either travelling in pairs or booking in advance. Book 90 days in advance and you will only pay 154 SEK for a ticket. Buying tickets for two people is 350 SEK in total, or 175 SEK per person.
  • Uber (min. 510 SEK/ca. 51 EUR): Although Uber is considered to be a cheaper option to taking the taxi, you would actually lose money on this in Stockholm. The fare listed is for the cheapest option.
  • Public transport (44 SEK/ ca. 4.5 EUR): This being the cheapest option it will also take you the longest. That said you do save a fair amount of money, and it only adds around half an hour to your travel time if there are no delays. What you do here is look for bus 583, then take it to Märsta station. You should then take the train that goes in the direction of Södertalje Station, and make sure to get off at cityterminalen.

Any questions or other tips for fellow travelers? Let us know in the comments!


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