Will there be an Obi Wan Kenobi movie? Maybe not, thanks to Solo.

obi wan kenobi movie

When Disney purchased the Star Wars property, it didn’t do so out of the kindness of its cold, dead, corporate heart. If you thought the whole deal came about to restore the famous Sci-Fi space opera to its acclaimed roots, you were wrong. It was all about that sweet sweet paycheck. Since the trilogy format of the series was a limitation there, Disney of course looked elsewhere to expand on the world of Star Wars.

That’s how we ended up with Star Wars spin-off films. First there was the offensively terrible Rogue One, and this year we were treated to Solo. It seemed like a bad idea when this one was announced – as if Disney had forgotten Harrison Ford almost single-handedly had turned Han Solo into a memorable character -and when the movie was finally released after months of reshoots it fizzled out quickly at the box office.

Being both cynical and broke, we of course already had a whole list of Star Wars spin-off ideas ready to pitch to Disney. Now rumors are swirling around that Disney might pull the plug on all planned spin-offs. According to sources working at Lucasfilm management has decided to put on hold all future spin-off films in development. Instead the focus of the company will be on the closing part of the new trilogy, and a brand-new trilogy to be released after.

Not only does that make the future of a planned Boba Fett movie more unlikely, it also puts a hold to the one movie we wanted to see: a stand-alone Obi Wan Kenobi movie. Ewan McGregor had been one of the few stand-outs of the prequels, and we were looking forward to seeing him flesh out what Kenobi had been up to in between the prequels and the original trilogy. Alas, it looks like we might have to wait even longer to see McGregor to reprise this role of this rumor pans out. Perhaps he’ll get to play the role again when Disney decides to remake A New Hope in 20 years?

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