What do we know on the porgs in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

star wars porg

When we watched the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we didn’t immediately start googling for theories on whether or not Luke goes evil, or who Rey’s real parents are. No, we tried to figure out what this new creature on display in the Millennium Falcon was all about.

By now we know it’s called a porg, and it’s Disney’s latest attempt to monopolize the Christmas gift industry. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want a porg? Described by people in our surroundings as a mix between penguin, guinea pig, and owl, the porg has the right features to make even our cynical minds pass by “obvious toy tie-in”, straight into “where can we buy these?”

As far as how they’ll tie into the plot, we only have this information from director Rian Johnson:

“I was like, ‘Oh, this is part of the island; we need to find the Star Wars version of this…And then just story-wise — not that they play a big part in the story — but I knew I wanted to find any source of comic relief I could on the island. And so they were very useful in terms of that…It wasn’t until we got the actual puppets on set and the whole crew reacted with ‘Oh my God, they’re adorable!’ and also then a few people in the crew were giving them that suspicious side-eye of ‘These are cute, but are they too cute?’”

Right, so it sounds like the porgs are to be found on the same island Luke Skywalker lives on. Which automatically explains why Luke would banish himself there, because who wouldn’t hang out with porgs all day long. We can only see the porgs eventually end up on the Millenium Falcon, lucky enough not to have Han Solo around to crankily comment on their cuteness. Unless we can somehow make this happen, as perhaps a new Star Wars spin-off?

If they’ll actually play a role beyond offering comic relief is yet to be seen. So far the series hasn’t had the best run of mining exotic creatures for comedy or drama, as we – shudder – remember from Jar Jar Binks and the Ewoks.

Time will tell if the porgs counter this trend. We can only hope Disney is planning on putting out better toys than the one below, as it looks terrifying instead of cute. Fix this, Disney, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas!

porg toy

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