Is The Walking Dead ending soon?

It seems that AMC’s The Walking Dead has peaked in popularity, looking at the latest rating numbers. The numbers for November 19th episode were the lowest since 2011, and this current 8th season has seen a drop in viewership throughout.

Does that mean The Walking Dead is heading towards cancellation? Fans have nothing to worry about here, since adding delayed viewing still makes for impressive numbers. However, with recent shows such as Westworld, Mindhunters, and Stranger Things hitting the air it does seem like The Walking Dead is starting to wane in popularity.

We’re sure AMC can get a few more seasons out of this show and the spin-off (Fear the Walking Dead), but we certainly won’t be sad to see The Walking Dead go. We stopped watching a while ago, and dropped the comic book series around the same time. As Robert Kirkman – creator of the comic book – made it clear he has no ending in sight, that has made both versions of this story into directionless borefests.

Both the TV show and the comic book seem to be content by repeating the same cycle: Rick and Carl find safe haven, shit gets fucked up, people die, they find a new safe haven, etc… The main difference between the two being that three characters (Rick, Carl, Daryll) are safe in the TV show compared to two in the comic book (Rick and Carl).

Update 12/12: Well, it seems we might’ve been wrong about the predictability of The Walking Dead, but even that doesn’t seem to be stopping the rating drop that is plaguing this season. Are you still watching the show? Or have you moved on as well?

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