The Walking Dead isn’t ending anytime soon

is the walking dead ending anytime soon

Late last year we asked ourselves the question: is The Walking Dead ending soon? Now AMC (the channel which airs the show) has finally given us an answer: no, no it’s not.

In our previous post we already addressed how The Walking Dead is starting to fade from our collective pop culture consciousness, with ratings slipping and newer shows such as Westworld, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Mindhunters replacing it at the center of office water cooler conversations. The show will also soon be without its protagonist, as star Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) announced this year he’s leaving the show. In the – predictable – world of The Walking Dead, we can only assume that means Rick will get his heroic death.

Any other network would decide now’s a good time to start wrapping up the show, yet AMC seems to think differently about this. During September’s investor conference, Chief Executive Officer Josh Sapan revealed he has a plan that goes well into the future. As Bloomberg relays the information in this article, the company plans to produce multiple movies and TV shows based zombie series. If this pans out, it means the world of The Walking Dead could exist on the big or small screen for at least another ten years. The article also mentions the plan is to extend the universe in a similar way Star Wars and Star Trek did.

Although we used to read the comic books and watch the TV show, at this point we opted out of continuing with either of those. If we’re honest, we have zero faith in this franchise being restored to a non-creatively bankrupt status. HBO is currently in a similar situation with its immensely successful Game of Thrones, which is set to end with its upcoming season. The network decided to give the green light to a prequel series, to continue capturing fans of the universe. The difference between Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead though is that one of them has a complex mythology behind it, whereas the other ones boils down to humans fighting humans fighting zombies. What is there left to say?

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