The Walking Dead’s Season 9 ratings are not good

walking dead season 9 ratings

Poor The Walking Dead. Although it has still been a hit in its last seasons, the show did start to displease more and more critics, resulting in a critical drubbing. Network AMC let a new showrunner take over this year and things were looking up as reviewers seemed to enjoy this current season 9 a lot more. Unfortunately it didn’t matter much, as the ratings dropped 47% compared to the premiere of last year.

We don’t know what’s gotten into us, since all we ended up writing about the past few days has been fatigue with popular properties. We recently wrote about superhero fatigue, followed this up with a post on Star Wars fatigue, and are now finding us reporting on The Walking Dead fatigue.

It’s difficult for any show to keep its ratings up 9 seasons in, and The Walking Dead is no exception. As far as we’re concerned the show should’ve wrapped things up 4 seasons ago, as it’s been in a creative black hole since then. For network AMC the show was still a cash cow, and the last time we wrote about the show it didn’t look like The Walking Dead was ending anytime soon. AMC was planning to produce multiple movies and series based on the show, over a time span of 10 years.

Although the show is still one of the biggest on the air, this drop in ratings is already having a big impact on its network. AMC’s stocks actually dropped 10% following the premiere, since it is such a big part of their success. At this point the show keeps getting further and further removed from the comic books it’s based on, with a lot of the original cast exiting the property. Some more big changes are coming up to that character roster, and it’ll be interesting to see what impact that has on the ratings and the plans for more The Walking Dead spin-offs.

Are you still watching the show? And if so, why?

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