English rock band Wild Beasts splits up

Yet they seemed so happy not too long ago

Some sad news from the indie rock world: English band Wild Beasts is soon to be no more. The band was founded in 2002, but didn’t gain much notoriety until their 2008 album Limbo, Panto. Their last release was Boy King in 2016. Although it proved to be somewhat of a more divisive album, it seemed to signal a change in Wild Beasts sound, not a full shutdown.

The band released the following official statement:

Wild Beasts are coming to an end

Our hearts and minds have been devoted to the band since we were teenagers. We’ve created something quite of our own and built a body of work which we stand by as heartfelt and true.

The four of us have decided, for our own reasons and in our own ways, that it is now time to leave this orbit.

We’re care takers to something precious and don’t want to have it diminish as we move forward in our lives.

Thank you for your love and energy and for helping us make it what it is. We consider ourselves remarkably fortunate to have lived out this dream.

Before we go, we’d like to celebrate with you and we’ll be in touch in the morning with further announcements.

Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts will play three final shows, in the UK. On February 15th they will perform at Dublin Olympia, followed by the Manchester Albert Hall and London Eventim Appolo. They are also releasing an EP called Punk Drunk & Trembling, and already released the title track.


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