Nathan Fielder completed a trilogy of hilarious talk show appearances

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We might not be sharing everyone’s enthusiasm for prestigious peak TV shows, but we are loving the recent boom of offbeat TV comedy shows. It feels like TV comedy has fully broken out of its chains, allowing itself time to bring drama into the equation (You’re The Worst, Transparent)  or embracing the surreal (Review with Forrest Macneil , Rick and Morty). That said, the funniest show on television is Nathan for You, starring Nathan Fielder. To promote the show Nathan Fielder has blessed us with three hilarious talk show interviews, one of which is an an instant classic.

In Nathan for You, Fielder positions himself as a graduate from one Canada’s top business schools, on a mission to help “struggling small-business owners make it in this competitive world”. A fairly straightforward set-up for a reality show, turned into one of TV’s most cringe-worthy shows due to Fielder’s bizarre ideas (such as attempting to destroy Uber by starting a sleeper cell of disgruntled taxi owners within) and Fielder’s awkward way of interacting with his “clients”.

If his brand of comedy is new to you, his three newest talk show appearances serve as an excellent primer.

1. Jimmy Kimmel Live!

This looks to be a very straight-forward interview. Fielder tells a story catered towards a traditional talk show crowd about experiencing a baggage mix-up at an airport. There is more to his story than what is shared however, as we would later learn from the 4th episode (The Anecdote) of Nathan For You’s fourth season. If you haven’t seen it, the second talk show clip should fill you in.

2. Late Night With Seth Meyers

Video was removed from YouTube by the Meyers team for some reason, but can still be found here for now.

Nathan Fielder shows up on Late Night with Seth Meyers to reveal the true nature of his story on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and offers excellent reasoning to deliver the story a second time.

3. Conan

In terms of funniness, the third interview is the clear winner. Fielder forfeits telling his story a third time, opting to bring instead a back-up guest to Conan O’Brien’s talk show. It’s not only the funniest interviews of the year, but also one that is immediately up there with the best of Norm McDonald’s appearances.


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