The Spotify offline limit has just been increased

spotify offline limit increased

Perhaps it’s the added pressure from recent competitors such as Apple Music, YouTube and – uh – Tidal, but Spotify continues to make updates to its products. Luckily they’re for the best, as the Swedish music streaming company has now decided to increase the Spotify offline limit. This means the amount of songs you can download offline per device has increased.

It was last year that we wrote about how Spotify had updated its Discover Weekly playlist, by adding a like/don’t like button. This is the first notable change since then, but it’s quite good. With internet limits going up constantly, it might seem like there’s no need for an offline playlist, but we do recommend people to set it up. It’s quite easy as you just have to tick a box above your playlist moving the files into your phone’s storage.

We tend to rely on these playlists quite often, whether it’s because we have a bad reception on the metro or because we’re flying. And trust us: no one wants to go through a flight without music.

The spotify offline limit has gone up from¬†from 3,333 on 3 devices to 10,000 tracks per device for up to 5 devices. We do have to say we’re not quite sure who would need that many offline playlists, but it’s good in case you’re off doing charity work in the middle of nowhere or are moving to the outback in Australia.

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