Trailer for Hangman has Al Pacino collecting a paycheck

A trailer has been released for Al Pacino’s latest cash grab: Hangman. In the 2017 thriller Pacino teams up with Karl Urban to catch a serial killer. What a premise.

We are currently in an age where our beloved pop culture icons are either dying off, or resorting to easy paychecks like Morgan Freeman & Tommy Lee Jones are doing. And why not? Al Pacino’s currently 77 year old, and has a legacy that contains films such as The Godfather I & II, Dog Day Afternoon, Heat, The Insider, Carlito’s Way, Donnie Brasco, and The Devil’s Advocate (shut up haters).

Hell, by the age of 35 the man had already been in The Panic in Needle Park, The Godfather I & II, Serpico, and Dog Day Afternoon. He could’ve retired there and would still be considered to be a legend. It is a different movie climate right now, but it’s sad we can’t think of a single young actor who can equal this run.

But that’s the past, and we are currently living in the present. These days Pacino seems to drift from oddly generic thrillers (such as this, but also 88 Minutes, Misconduct, and Righteous Kill) and mostly unsuccessful art fare (Manglehorn, Danny Collins).

We are hoping to see one last great performance of Pacino before he retires, and odds are high it’ll be in the Irishman, the upcoming movie from Martin Scorsese, that will mark their first collaboration. Besides Pacino, the movie will also star Harvey Keitel, Robert DeNiro & Joe Pesci.

In the meantime, and forgive our rambling, we were hoping to dissuade you from getting to this point, here’s the trailer to Hangman.

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