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Bridget Fonda 2018

One of the “It girls” in the 90s was definitely Bridget Fonda. It’s no surprise Fonda managed to appear in a string of high-profile films, given her family’s stature in Hollywood. Not only is Fonda the granddaughter of Henry “Grapes of Wrath” Fonda, her father is Peter “Easy Rider” Fonda, and her aunt is Jane “Klute” Fonda. Bridget did not live up to the potential of those actors, but she still turned out to be a pleasant presence in films such as Singles, It Could Happen to You, and her turn as femme fatale/bimbo in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.  In 2018 however, it’s been 16 years since we last her in anything.

We most recently described where Rick Moranis is in 2018, and now it’s time to turn our focus on Bridget Fonda. Celebrities are more than ever hounded by the press, with trash websites such as TMZ often being bested by random people using their camera phone. In the process we tend to forget that celebrities are also humans, and that perhaps fame isn’t all they crave in life.

Such is the case with Bridget Fonda. In the 90’s Fonda was one of the central actresses of the era, almost reaching the fame of actresses such as Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. If you remember Fonda being in everything around that era, then you won’t be surprised to find out she appeared in over 30 movies between 1987 and 1998, averaging to 3-4 films a year.

The late 90’s and early 2000s didn’t prove as successful for Fonda, who starred in movie duds such as Monkeybone and forgotten TV productions such as Snow Queen. After a car crash that left her with a fractured vertebrae in 2003, she married famed composer Danny Elfman (Batman, Beetlejuice, The Simpsons). In 2005 she gave birth to their son Oliver, and continued shying away from the spotlights. Because of this there is no true confirmation as to why she left acting behind.

Never say never however. We thought we’d never see Rick Moranis on the screen again, and we were proven wrong there.

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