Watch Phoenix’s excellent cover of Whitney’s No Woman

phoenix no woman

During our backpack travels in Australia, the channel that kept us together during long drives was definitely Triple J. This is completely counter to what we’re usually exposed to: public radio stations sounding like “best of” albums from hell.  We’re currently based in Stockholm – as you might’ve guessed from our article about how to get from the Arlanda airport to Stockholm city centre – and once again this is confirmed. Seriously public stations: stop playing Guns ‘N Roses.

One of the standouts from the Triple J programming is their weekly “Like a Version” series.  Not only is this an excellent play on the title of a hit song by Madonna, it’s also a platform for Australian and international musicians to play covers of famous songs. Some of the musicians who appeared are Eels, Broken Social Scene, Tame Impala, and Haim.

Now we can also add French indie pop band Phoenix to that list, who showed up to cover 2016’s No Woman, by the American rock band Whitney.

Check out the video here, and let us know what you think!

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